We hope this page will be useful to you in finding ways to effect change, big or small.

Our most recent recommendations for action:

  • The Americans of Conscience Checklist always has an excellent set of useful actions.
  • Martha has sorted through 300 calls for public comment and offered her best suggestions for getting your views documented. Significant this week: proposed changes to banking regulations which would undermine protections against payday loans and water down stress tests for banks; the San Diego border wall; ACA; tightening eligibility for SNAP (food stamps). You might want to have a word about arctic drilling as well.
  • Sarah-Hope wonders whether you have thoughts about exporting semi-automatic weapons, preventing victims (including children) of domestic violence from obtaining asylum, investigating whether Kavanaugh committed perjury, escalating deregulation and more. If so, she has summarized these and many other issues for you, and can suggest to whom you might write. Type in, do not click on “”
  • Tom Dispatch is always a reliable source; look at the resource list on the right side of his page for more of the same.
  • If you’d like to tweet to climate deniers and climate obfuscators, Get The Facts Out is all set up for you to do so.
  • Postcards to Voters: text JOIN to 484-275-2229 to sign up; you can write as few as 4 postcards at a time, or as many as you like, so this is a very flexible commitment.
  • 5 Calls has scripts for supporting legislation to protect transgender troops and reduce prescription drug prices, and more.

Evergreen opportunities to get involved:



We don’t have the resources to thoroughly vet every charity we recommend here, but have limited our recommendations to those who have an A- or better from CharityWatch, or a 95/100 or better from Charity Navigator.

Bear in mind that many charities allow you to donate in somebody else’s name and send them a thank-you or gift note. It can be fun to “thank” politicians for terrible statements by donating to an organization they’d hate in their name. One of our volunteers donates to Planned Parenthood regularly in the name of pro-forced-birth politicians, for example.

Keeping Track: